Valerie is an energetic, dedicated and passionate artist who truly loves what she does. For the past 33 years the camera has been her primary tool for artistic expression. She has worked with clients from around the world and people of all ages. Valerie's gift is being able to capture the individual qualities within each person that makes them who they are; her style is unique, but so is every client. Valerie's philosophy is to accommodate each client personally. In addition to photography Valerie has expertise in producing, writing and editing videos for television and social media. While the scope of her experience is wide-ranging, her skills compliment each other.
Valerie works to continually develop her proficiency in the areas of photography and video by trusting her instincts, as well as the creative process. The end result time and again has been a product surpassing the expectations of her clients.

" My work will always be a collaborative effort - I work with you by listening, giving the project direction, and letting the rest naturally fall into place."
Val Bey